Future Fossils: Deep Future and Archaeology

Future Fossils: Deep Future and Archaeology is a peek into a new project, closely connected with the hybrid filmproject “One” A Letter to Eternity. Artifacts and ruins of antiquity – be they Classical antiquities, both monuments and sculptures of past civilization, belong to the notion of an everchanging landscape and deep sense of cultural synergy, linking our timely presence with the existence of ephemeral ‘bodies of forgotten civilization’. With the gods and semi-divine heroes there also travelled a mental cargo, the baggage of stories – muthoi, thus myths – or future fossils, connecting to Deep Future. Language as much as ancient monuments, ruins and artifacts thereof, belong to the notion of an everchanging landscape and deep sense of cultural synergy, forged by migration, whence our timely presence merges with the existence of ephemeral ‘bodies of forgotten civilization’. Alas, a future odyssey is to be uncovered, along the Mediterranean shores and its hinterlands… The project entwines filmmaking, performance and rite, voices of the collective, with sculpture and shaping a landscape of imagination and immersion.

Future Fossils: Deep Future and Archaeology, by Ilse Frech (ongoing, 2024/21-2016)

“One”, A Letter to Eternity

“One”, A Letter to Eternity 

Current Project
A magic realistic mosaic tale of a personal quest and voyage of the individual, roaming Gaia’s rough landscape, where the Mediterranean Sea since long connects the Southern and Northern hemisphere, protagonists endure a many lessons via encounters with the ‘Other’ as leitmotif, to arrive at a sacred space: the alchemy of the heart.

This poetic quest in progress, of timetravel, as does the shaman, embodying the magician, this tripytich explores the concept of compassion and power of myth, across the Mediterranean Sea, and across desert and skies, of time passing and beliefs that mirror diversity of mankind living in the universe, eternal arena of perpetual motion: a love letter to existence’s mystery of life, and two-way flow of mankind’s search for belonging, timetraveling to the future and way back, in an ongoing search for our cosmic origin.

Following the celestial map of indigenous Andean cosmology, in connotation with the Phoenicians’ historic maritime route, an entangling ‘Odyssean’ gaze creates yet another tale of the ‘condition humaine’, witnessing a choreographed collective procession of people and their rituals taking place, crossing dimensions of time inspired by both Andean cosmology as well as Egyptian- and Hellenistic influences, from Antiquity to Classicism.

“One”, A Letter to Eternity, encompasses a human chain of ‘sculpted experiences in time’, of myth, a tale of people’s imaginitive journeys over generations. Evoked and told by locals living in present times, be their personal (his)story narrator of heroism, tragedy or the ultimate expression of love, tolerance, sorrow or compassion, that of an experiment perhaps resulting in embrace – Pietà alike. A living sculpture in motion, with Gaia’s austronauts co-creating A Letter of Eternity.

"A Letter to Eternity - A Prelude" (research footage, '16 filmstill) Ilse Frech.