Visual artist, filmmaker and documentary photographer Ilse Frech (1972, Amsterdam) is of Dutch-Macedonian descent. She studied Photography (1990-94) at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts, Architecture and Music (KABK). Earnt a Master of Arts HES-SO degree in Fine Arts and Contemporary Artistic Practices, major Work.Master from the Swiss University of Art and Design, HEAD-Genève (2011-13). By then working internationally since 1995. Selected for World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass in 2003, she portrayed Muslim youth in Paris’ banlieues, in a series titled Private Life, for which she received a nomination for the ICP Infinity Award for Documentary and Photojournalism. 2005 Onwards she pursued working with Muslim women in Paris’ banlieues, resulting in a solo-exhibition and monograph I Am – Paradox Identity, further a documentary film, I Am. My Islam. My France., a colorful mosaic of five young Muslim women offering an intimate glance through the façade of concrete, premiering at the Institut Néerlandais, Paris – Mois de la Photo 2008. The film was selected for IWAB South-Korea, Incheon Women Artists’ Biennal 2009. Residing in Paris, she worked in Russia as well, creating an essayistic documentary portrait of Nika, Russian and seropositive (HIV+), resulting in Nika, Russia LOVE.

In 2010 Frech realised Zjeitu commissioned by The Rijksmuseum and NRC Handelsblad on behalf of the annual photography commission ‘Document Nederland’, as a result photographs of the project are conserved in The Rijksmuseum’s Photography Collection: Zjeitu, a sultry portrait of the Dutch Antilles, exhibited at De Kunsthal, Rotterdam (2010-11). With its annual commission the Rijksmuseum intends to highlight subjects of relevance to contemporary Dutch society with the aim of documenting history as it unfolds. Sweet Terror of Memory – ψίθυροι (2018) is a short fiction-, experimental documentary film, based upon personal biographies of exiles of the Greek Civil war, from the point of view of her Aegean Macedonian mother, refugee of the Greek Civil war (1946-48). She wrote a collection of poems and prose whereupon the filmscript for Sweet terror of Memory was assembled, of which Blank | Hiroshima Mon Amour, was firstly published by Rusted Radishes, the Beirut Literary and Art Journal, issue no. 5/ 2016: ‘The Political City’. Part of Exile: Belonging (2011-14), an artistic research project functioning as a creative space where identity related to political heritage, the imprint of war, exile and trauma, associated with mythology, legend and body-memory are entwined with documentary, re-enactment and fiction translated into audiovisual-installations, video works, photography, performances and poetry. Artist in residence for three months in 2016 at Ashkal Alwan, Beirut – The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, in affiliation with Mondriaan Fund (NL), during which she researched Lebanese war trauma and its multiple carriers of memory, resulting in a twofold outcome: Fugacious Presence, a collaborative, improvisational performance and audiovisual installation, presented at Ashkal Alwan (27/05/16) and the concept for a new film: A Letter to Eternity, currently in its research-phase, to be developed.

Curriculum vitae


2018-2017 Cinematography, Camera College Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

2015  Summer Institute of Art, ‘Art & The Politics of Estrangement’, June 4-23, Saas-Fee, Switzerland

2013-2011 Master of Arts HES-SO in Fine Arts, Major Work.Master – Contemporary Artistic Practices, University of Art & Design, HEAD-Geneva, Switzerland

1996-1995 MA Photography (1st year) at the Academy of Arts St. Joost – Breda, The Netherlands

1995-1994 Masterclass Photography, Royal Academy of Visual Arts, Dance and Music – KABK The Hague, The Netherlands

1994-1990 BA Photography, Royal Academy of Visual Arts, Dance and Music – KABK The Hague, The Netherlands

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Events Past / Present

27/February 2017

– Participant Masterclass by Zach Blas, Two Outsides: Informatic Opacity
& Contra-Internet at The Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, during Sonic Acts Festival.

12/December – 13/December 2016

– Participant The Mini Sound Series: MaryAnne Amacher Archive Seminar at The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

01/March – 01/June 2016

– Artist-in-residence at Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, Lebanon.

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