A Letter to Eternity

A Letter to Eternity is a quest for identity and belonging, addressing our common heritage, as well as our heroic and brutal deeds, envisioning the ‘condition humaine’ in entangled scenarios using both documentary and fictional storytelling, I’m seeking exiles and their eternal quests. Inspired by Greek Tragedy, archeology and the Phoenicians ancient maritime routes, flowing along the vast coastline from the Levant to North-Africa to neighbouring South Europe. With a poets’ glance gazing forward and back in time, where future scenarios could potentially be disclosed, evoked and told by locals living today on the Phoenicians historic route.

The idea and research took shape during my artist-in-residence at Ashkal Alwan, from March 1st – June 1st 2016, in affiliation with the Mondriaan Fund in The Netherlands. The project is currently in its research phase for further development intended to start this forthcoming year.

"A Letter to Eternity", filmstill teaser VSI (2016), by Ilse Frech. Concept for a new film to be developed, currently in research.